The Land of Your Dwelling

I’m so excited! It’s a great day!

We returned to the doctor to have David’s stitches removed, and once again, he is “cancer free!” God has healed melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and now squamous cell carcinoma, see here. I happily recorded it on my answered prayer list!

God is so good!!!

And, later today, we are going to witness the closing of my daughter’s house! (No, we are not co-signing or giving her any money!) God led her to the perfect house for herself and her dog. It has a completely fenced backyard and is a few blocks from her Aunt Michele!

This is an answer to prayer! I pray Psalms 112 over our families, “Our children will be successful…” I look forward to the day our sons close on their houses.

I remember when we bought our home. There were 9 months of praying before we had our closing. God blessed us when he gave us this house. He is the One who gives us land for our dwelling.

Numbers 15:2, “Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: When you come into the land of your dwelling, which I am giving to you…” Modern English Version