The People Spoke Against God and Moses

The first thing I did when I started my devotions today was writing, “Obey. Have Faith.” on my palm. I didn’t want to forget what God showed me yesterday. I want to follow God’s leading.

God moves people in two ways: 1) He leads them, or 2) He drives them. Remember in Exodus 23:28 where God said he would drive the inhabitants of the land out?

God tried for 37 years to get the inhabitants to move out. Instead, they responded in three different ways:

  1. They heard the Israelites coming and attacked them, Numbers 21:1.
  2. They would not allow them to travel through their land and attacked them, Numbers 21:23.
  3. They saw them coming and attacked them, Numbers 21:33.

When God leads us to move, it is not easy. We have to leave people and things we love behind. But, fighting it will only make it worse.

It’s harder on the ones he calls to stay. They watch as their friends and family move on. A part of them goes with them.

It doesn’t matter if we are: led away, driven away, or called to stay when we become uncomfortable our tendency is to complain. But complaining has consequences.

Numbers 21:5, 6, “The people spoke against God and Moses,…So the Lord sent poisonous serpents among the people, and they bit the people, and many children of Israel died.” Modern English Version

I just wrote on my palm again – “Don’t complain.”



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