Large Inheritance for a Large Tribe

I am expecting 12 for Thanksgiving this year. They will not all fit around my table but I know of three that would prefer to eat in front of the football game using TV trays!

That’s how my Grandma W. did it. Her home was small and her table only had room for adults. There wasn’t room for a kid’s table. She had enough TV trays for us. We filled our plates and ate in the front room.

Grandma W. had 6 children, and they all had 2 – 4 of their own! It was a packed house. Grandma C. had 13 children and they had 1 – 7 children each.

You don’t see many large families anymore. It saddened me when I read a post from a young blogger who was debating whether to have children at all! She thought they were too expensive.

I’ll never forget what my former boss told me, “If you wait to have children until you can afford it, you will never have children.” We decided to start our family after he said that.

God took care of us. We never missed a meal, and before our baby’s first birthday, we bought our house!

When the children of Israel reached the Promised Land, God instructed Moses to number the people. Why? To give more land to the larger tribes.

Numbers 26:54, “To a large tribe you shall give a large inheritance, and to a small tribe you shall give a small inheritance. To each one his inheritance will be given according to those who were numbered of him.” Modern English Version

Shout out to Brandin and Sarah who are expecting their 8th baby! They prove there are still large families who are happy and healthy! They will receive a large inheritance!




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