Ordinary Work

I have 1 more day to prepare for Thanksgiving. My son called and they are bringing “Green Bean Casserole” and rolls. That took one project off my list!

I replaced, “Make Rolls” with “Bake Pies.” I baked 4 pies yesterday using pumpkin I froze. I promised a pumpkin pie to Ethan, our guitar player, and took 2 to church for the fellowship time after the Thanksgiving service.

David asked, “How can I tell which pies are yours?”

“They’re lumpy,” I replied.

(Odd, neither one of us found a piece on the table. They did have over 300 pieces.)

I was talking to Betty L. about my lumpy pies. She told me to mix the filling in the blender.  I am going to try it on my last pumpkin pie. (I ran the pumpkin through my food processor before I froze it.)

I still need to make a cherry pie – David’s favorite. I mentally added “Make tea” to my list of chores today. I want to do as much as possible in advance.

Numbers 29:1, “…You will do no ordinary work….” Modern English Version

This was an instruction for celebrating the “Feast of Tabernacles.” I added “laundry” to my list – no time tomorrow to throw in a load! Thanksgiving is a day of celebrating, gratefulness, and music.

Numbers 29:1. “…It is a day of blowing the trumpets for you.” Modern English Version

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