Refuge for the Manslayer

Some friends compiled a book with some history of their family. It started in the 1600’s when the family was in Switzerland and they immigrated to Germany. It traced the family as they immigrated to Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Oregon.

The saddest story in the book was about Otis, 30, who was accidentally shot while hunting with his brother-in-law. The newspaper account explained how the accident happened and Jehu was fully exonerated.

“Jehu…never married and was traumatized for life over what happened. When he died he left 1/2 of his farm…to each of his surviving nephews, Mervin and Elmer [sons of Otis].”

Jehu was a manslayer, not a murderer and paid for that accident for the rest of his life. God knew accidents would happen and he made places for refuge when they did.

Numbers 35:15, “For the children of Israel, and for the stranger, and for the foreign sojourner among them will be six cities. These will be for a refuge. Everyone that unintentionally kills any person may flee there.” Modern English Version




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