The most dangerous phrase in the world is – “just once.”

  • All addictions start by trying something “just once.”
  • Multitudes of children are conceived from having sex “just once.”
  • LIves are lost from trying dangerous activities “just once.”
  • Diseases are contracted from exposure “just once.”
  • Many are in prison for breaking the law “just once.”

Everything we do starts small. We decide to do something “just once” and soon it becomes a habit and then a lifestyle. We are shocked and perplexed when we start to experience the consequences of a behavior we had only planned to try “just once.” Whatever seeds we plant becomes our harvest many times over.

God is unchangeable. He is the God of always. He said His Name is “I Am.”

Deuteronomy 11:1, “You must love the Lord your God and keep His charge, His statutes, His ordinances, and His commandments always.” Modern English Version

The good news? The reverse is true. We build good habits by doing them “just once” today. Tomorrow we do it again and the next day the same. Before we know it, our lifestyle has changed.

We can do great things – difficult things – by starting small. But everything we build will crumble when we break God’s laws. We must keep them always.




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