All the Produce of Your Seed


Has there ever been a more controversial word?

When the sermon is on tithing, people say, “All the church wants is my money.”

God doesn’t need your money. He wants to know the level of your commitment.

Giving 10% off the top of your income says:

  • God is my source.
  • God provides a job to support my family.
  • God provides a way to make wealth.
  • God is my boss, my employer is His manager.
  • God multiplies the balance when I give the first 10% to Him.

Another form of giving is offerings. It is money over and above the 10% you tithe. Offerings are for missions, charity, and special projects.

God promises to bless the seed in our barns, (savings, investments). Earlier this week I shared how God blessed our retirement fund.

Today’s verse smacked me upside the head.

Deuteronomy 14:22, “You must be certain to tithe all the produce of your seed, so that the field produces year by year.” Modern English Version

Wait, did we tithe the interest in our retirement account? (I will have to check with my bookkeeper husband.)

Could it be our investments don’t prosper because we keep all the increase? I want my seeds to keep producing, don’t you?




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