A Wise Teacher

I enjoyed school. I liked the feeling of accomplishment when I finished my assignments. I took pride in every “A” I received on a test. I liked the sneaky way they reinforced lessons: word search puzzles, crossword puzzles, drawing pictures, etc. God used similar tactics to teach the children of Israel His laws.

Deuteronomy 27:2, 3, “…you must set up for yourself great stones, and cover them with plaster. Then you must write all the words of this law on them,…” Modern English Version

Can you imagine collecting rocks and putting them together to make an altar without reshaping them? It would make a Rubik’s cube look like child’s play.

Covering the rocks with plaster and writing the laws on them would also write them on your heart. Later, I’m sure their children traced the letters with their fingers and read them out loud.

God is a wise teacher.

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