Investment Strategy

In Genesis 12:3, God told Abraham He would bless those that blessed him and curse those that cursed him. Based on this verse, I want to invest in Israel. I have not found a way to do that.

Then, I was watching a Christmas movie and saw an ad for an organization that helps holocaust survivors. Daily, these Jews choose between buying food or wood for heat. Instead of investing in a company, I could invest in a ministry!

You might not agree with my investment strategy – until you look at how God treated the Gibeonites. Five kings came to attack them and they sent a message to Joshua.

Joshua 10:6, “The men of Gibeon sent this message to Joshua at the Gilgal settlement: ‘Do not abandon your slaves. Come up to us quickly. Save us! Help us! For all the Amorite kings living in the hill country have gathered against us.’ ” Modern English Version

Joshua 10 tells us everything God did for them:

  • He gave the enemy into Joshua’s hand, v. 8.
  • Not a single man could stand against them, v. 8.
  • God panicked them, v. 10.
  • The Lord hurled large hailstones down upon them, v. 11.
  • He stopped the sun for a full day, v. 13!

God did this for a battle defending the Gibeonites because they were the slaves of the children of Israel.

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