Leaders Lead, People Freely Volunteer

The first thing I read today was this verse in my devotional.

Philippians 1:10, “Learn to sense what is vital,…and of real value.” AMPC

After another night of missed sleep, due to a sore throat, I was sure God was telling me to go back to bed! I prayed and read the two assigned chapters in Judges.

When I finished, God spoke to my heart, “What was vital in these chapters?”

I started reading them again and stopped on the second verse.

Judges 5:2, “When the leaders in Israel lead, when the people freely volunteer, bless the Lord.” Modern English Version

  • Either I am a leader, or I am not.
  • If I am a leader, I must lead.
  • If I am not a leader, I must do more than follow – I must volunteer.
  • I must freely do my part and be willing to serve.
  • This blesses the Lord.

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