Like the Son of a King

I am living like a queen! With my robes wrapped around me, I have ordered food and drinks delivered to my bedchamber. (Full disclosure: it’s a bathrobe and I’m sick in bed. 😦 )

David has been kind enough to run to the store for drinks to soothe my raw throat. (Note to self: Salty helps; spicy hurts and hot or creamy drinks help; pop really hurts!) You know you are sick when you eat chicken noodle soup and don’t want the chicken or the noodles.

Regardless of how I feel, it doesn’t change “Whose” I am. I am a queen because my Father is the King of Kings! This sickness will pass. Today, the One healing me reminded me of my royal heritage.

Judges 8:18, “…They were like you. Each one looked like the son of a king.” Modern English Version

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