Be There

According to the weather channel, the temperature in town today is -9° with a wind chill factor of -18°. I have the church page up on my computer if they cancel the service in the next few minutes. Otherwise, we will load up the drums and leave in 30 minutes.

Some days, it’s harder than others to keep our commitment and be faithful in our attendance. Today is one of those days! But God cannot do miracles for us if we don’t show up!

Mark 3:1, “Again, He entered the synagogue, and there was a man who had a withered hand.” Modern English Version

The man with the withered hand did not stay in bed begging God to heal him. He went to church! He stood up in faith, (v. 3), and risked embarrassment by stretching out his hand, (v. 5), and Jesus healed him.

(Note: In these conditions, I hope Mother and the others in her generation stay home! We don’t want any broken bones!)

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Something’s Broken!

It was just brought to my attention that you cannot get the January “Relevant” Guide from the top of my blog. Please scroll back to December 25th and print it from that post. I’m pretty sure WordPress will not be able to fix it today!

Happy New Year!

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