Opinions Don’t Count for Much

I woke up at 4:30 a.m. Why? I don’t know. Instead of staring at the ceiling, I dressed and went to my office.

I got out my 2018 goals list and turned to a blank sheet of paper in my notebook. I drew a line down the middle and under every other line.

I wrote a month in each space. Underneath them, I labeled the spaces “Daily,” “Weekly,” and “Monthly.” I labeled the next boxes “Stretching Goals,” (from the book “Smarter, Faster, Better”), 5-Year Goals, and 10-Year Goals.

I assigned each goal on my list to a box and my January goals to a day on my calendar. That list is no longer overwhelming. I will give my entire attention to one goal at a time.

Oddly enough, these were all personal goals. The only one related to my blogs was combining them followed by a question mark.

I tried to combine them last summer when I met with a webmaster. After paying for 3 years, he found he couldn’t import all the content of even one blog! Then he took another job and moved away.

After several failed attempts to set it up myself, I decided to give up. If God wants me to use that platform, He will have to open a door for me. Otherwise, I wrote it off as a very expensive mistake. Then all the blog fees for this year came due and I had to pay them out of my allowance that I have saved for a few months.

I had blog post subjects planned through the end of the year. Then I hit a wall. Do I even want to continue writing 8 posts a week – 7 here and 1 on frugalfish.org? I believe I shared all my tips there over the last 8 years anyway.

I decided to stop. My original plan was to take January off but I’m not sure if, or when, I will start posting there again. This is not a popular decision.

Luke 7:35, “Opinion polls don’t count for much, do they? The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” The Message

We read today that some of Jesus’ miracles were not popular. At one point a mob formed and they demanded that Jesus get out and not come back, see Matthew 8:34! But Luke recorded how Jesus handled it when popular opinion was against Him and people were talking behind His back.

Luke 7:49, 50, “That set the dinner guests talking behind his back…He ignored them…” The Message

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