Don’t Run from Suffering?

Spending 3 hours fixing the menus on this blog was not my plan for this Saturday! Not at all. But after a few messages back and forth with technical support this week, I was finally able to fix it.

I found a few pages that needed updating. One page will take several hours and I added it to my “To Do” list for next week. I updated the rest. I looked for a “Pat on the back” in my chapters today and found this instead.

Today’s verse is just the opposite of popular advice and opinion:

“If it feels good, do it.”

“You can go your own way.”

“I did it my way.”

“Look out for #1.”

“You need to get away to find yourself.”

Luke 9:23, “…Don’t run from suffering; embrace it. Follow me and I’ll show you how. Self-help is no help at all. Self-sacrifice is the way, my way, to finding yourself, your true self.” The Message

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“Habit-Forming” Bible Reading Guide

The “Habit-Forming” Bible Reading Guide is 21 days of the shortest chapters in the Bible. (It takes 21 days to form a habit!)


  1. Psalms 117
  2. Psalms 131
  3. Psalms 133
  4. Psalms 134
  5. Psalms 123
  6. Psalms 15
  7. Psalms 43
  8. Psalms 70
  9. Psalms 93
  10. Psalms 100
  11. Psalms 125
  12. Psalms 127
  13. Psalms 1
  14. Psalms 13
  15. Psalms 23
  16. Psalms 53
  17. Psalms 126
  18. Psalms 128
  19. Psalms 150
  20. Psalms 11
  21. Psalms 14


You established the discipline of reading a Bible chapter every day! Now print off pages 1-188 of the “Babysteps” Bible Reading Guide and continue on Day #22.

If you want to read more than one chapter, switch over to the “Relevant” Bible Reading Guide and read the chapters assigned to today’s date. Be sure to keep a notebook handy – the secrets to life are hidden in these chapters!

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