“Woman, Your Faith is Something Else!”

Our Christmas tree broke on Christmas Day. One string of lights flickered and another string shorted out. All the bulbs on that second string turned black.

Before I decorated the tree, I wired 10 branches back together. Two branches sagged in spite of the repair. David removed the decorations, took it apart, and threw it away.

We had dangerously low temperatures during those two weeks and David didn’t want to go shopping. After work Monday night, 41°, we went looking for a Christmas tree.

We have a small living room with enough floor space for a pencil tree. In two towns there were only 4 trees left and they weren’t pencil trees. I was heartbroken.

I whined on Facebook and my sister and a friend both offered to give me a pencil tree. But after discussing it, we decided I might have problems with animal dander on a used tree. We had rewards on our credit card from Christmas shopping and decided to use part of it to purchase a new tree.

Yesterday I drove 25 miles to O’Hara Hardware because they are known for their Christmas decorations. They had several trees left. One was the right height but a few inches wider than our former tree. It was also $25.00 more than we had hoped to spend.

I drove 19 miles to the next town but their trees were gone, too. I went back to O’Hara and tried a different approach. I took a picture of the branches and sent it to David in a text, “These branches won’t shed.”

He quickly responded, “Get it!”

Matthew 15:28, “Jesus gave in. ‘Oh woman, your faith is something else. What you want is what you get.’ Right then her daughter became well.” The Message

Joshua conquered the Canaanites hundreds of years before. Many moved away but some were driven back into the hills. This woman came down from the hills and was willing to beg. When that didn’t work, she used a different approach and got what she wanted!

Matthew 15:22, “…a Canaanite woman came down from the hills and pleaded, “Mercy, Master, Son of David! My daughter is cruelly afflicted by an evil spirit.” The Message

By calling Him the “Son of David,” she was acknowledging He was King. She recognized that He had the authority and knew He was the only one who could help her daughter.

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