Three Square Meals

When I was a kid, Mom gave us two menu options: “Take it or leave it.” Dad had a few things to say, too…

“You don’t eat to taste, you eat to fill.”

“You eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

Jesus gave his disciples special instructions when He sent them out to minister in pairs.

Luke 10:8, “When you enter a town and are received, eat what they set before you,…” The Message

I heard that verse quoted a lot also. Dad thought the three “P’s” were bad for you – pizza, pop, and potato chips. We drank milk with every meal. Not one of us broke a bone.

My kids preferred Kool-aid – pop was too expensive – and all three of them broke bones! Dad was right.

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, they asked for daily bread.

Luke 11:3, “Keep us alive with three square meals.” The Message

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