The Glory is Gone

I was sitting alone at a black and white checked table, with a turquoise tub in the center full of pop bottles and ice, when it hit me…

“I must have married the wrong man!”

I could smell the hamburgers and hot dogs they were grilling for the “Fifty’s themed Volunteer Banquet.” Behind me was an 8′ table full of colorful toppings for the sundaes they were serving for dessert.

Pastor Monte and his wife Peggy came as Ricky Ricardo and Lucy. Our friends, Ken & Jill, looked like a well-dressed, respectable couple on their way to church.

I folded my white-gloved hands in my lap and wondered where David went. I dressed like Doris Day or Sandra Dee. I had a black, satin sheath on over a white, button-down blouse with a black cardigan sweater draped over my shoulders.

My jewelry was Great-Aunt May’s double strand of fake pearls and the pearl earrings I bought for my son’s wedding. There was a red, felt poppy clipped in my pinned up hair and the beaded shoe clips on my black pumps matched the beaded buckle on my belt.

I listened to “Rock around the Clock” while scanning the room looking for David – who was James Dean. We truly were the odd couple.

* * * * * * *

I’m sure the wife of Phineas thought she married the wrong man, too! A priest could only marry a virgin daughter of the tribe of Levi, Leviticus 21:13-15. She would have grown up around the temple and been familiar with all the rituals and requirements.

Phineas was a horrible priest! He didn’t know God, didn’t care about his duties, was greedy and demanding, stole from the people, and slept with the women who helped out at the sanctuary, 1 Samuel 2:12-25.

His wife had different priorities: God first and respect for the office of the high priest, her father-in-law Eli.

1 Samuel 4:19-22, “His daughter-in-law, the wife of Phineas, was pregnant and ready to deliver. When she heard that the Chest of God had been taken and that both her father-in-law and her husband were dead, she went to her knees to give birth, going into hard labor. (20) As she was about to die, her midwife said, ‘Don’t be afraid. You’ve given birth to a son!’ (21) The Chest of God gone, father-in-law dead, husband dead, she named the boy Ichabod (Glory’s gone), (22) saying, ‘Glory is exiled from Israel since the Chest of God was taken.’ ” The Message

She named her son Ichabod, meaning God’s Glory is gone because the Philistines took the Ark of the Covenant. The ark represented the Presence of God.

* * * * * * *

After Connect Group last night, I said to David, “Since Derek made dinner, (shocking, I know!), why don’t we go buy dessert!”

“I was thinking the same thing!” he replied.

We brought home a triple layered chocolate cake. I guess I did marry the right man!

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