This Day

I feel like I’m spinning my wheels this week! Yesterday I had 4 writing projects and 5 loads of laundry. I finished Sunday’s post at 4:30 p.m. and David folded the last load for me.

Today I still had 4 writing projects and all I’ve accomplished is making my bed! (Full disclosure: I sanitized the sheets, pillow covers, mattress pad, blanket, and comforter.)

I did publish Monday’s post but my posts have been a day late since Friday! Frustrating! I opened my devotional and read these quotes:

“Wait before God until you feel saturated with His presence. Then move on to your next duty with awareness of the freshness and energy of Christ.” Dr. Pardington

* * * * * * *

“The grace of God does not come forth to bring rest and renewal to our soul until we completely reach the point of stillness in Him.” Streams in the Desert

I pulled up the Worship Central Radio station on Pandora, folded my hands in my lap, shut my eyes, and quietly listened to a song. Then I knew what God was trying to show me.


I get in a hurry to go down my “To Do” list and mark off each item. I don’t take the time to be still and listen to God.

Saul made the same mistake. When he was a young man, he didn’t hurry to execute those who said he was not fit to rule, 1 Samuel 11:12. And he was careful to give God the glory for the victory over the Ammonites.

1 Samuel 11:13, “But Saul said, ‘Nobody is going to be executed this day. This is the day God saved Israel. Come, let’s go to Gilgal and there reconsecrate the kingship.’ ” The Message

Two chapters later, his son Jonathan is old enough to lead a company of soldiers. Jonathan got in a hurry and attacked the garrison of the Philistines. The Message version says he killed the governor. The Philistines were mad as hornets! Saul summoned the army to Gilgal, 1 Samuel 13:3, 4.

Samuel told him to wait 7 days. When Samuel failed to show up on time, the soldiers got scared and started slipping away to hide, 1 Samuel 13:6-8. So Saul took charge! He sacrificed a burnt offering. Only the priests were to present a sacrifice. Immediately, Samuel arrived and asked him what he was doing!

1 Samuel 13:12, “…I haven’t yet come before God asking for his help. So I took things into my own hands…” The Message

The quickest way to get into trouble is to take charge and take things into my own hands. The way to accomplish all my duties is to become still and wait on God. Then I will work with the freshness and energy of Christ.

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