Facing My Giant

“What am I going to face today?”

The last time the verses gave directions like this I had a difficult project that killed a day. At least I was “Warned and Ready.”

My instructions for today are:

  1. “…Fill your flask with anointing oil and get going,…” 1 Samuel 16:1. (I started the day with devotions.)
  2. “…Looks aren’t everything….” 1 Samuel 16:7. (Good thing! This is definitely a ponytail kind of day.)
  3. “…the very picture of health – bright-eyed…” 1 Samuel 16:12. (I just soaked my eyes with a warm washcloth. I have no idea what the source of irritation is but I’ve treated them with eye drops and antihistamines.)
  4. “…Up, on your feet…” 1 Samuel 16:12. (I had better not wait for my Fitbit to go off before I “Get Moving.” I guess I will need to take breaks.)
  5. “…When the black mood comes in…play his music and you’ll feel better.” 1 Samuel 16:16. (It will be depressing? Oh well, there is always Worship Central Radio on Pandora.)
  6. “…on his way just as Jesse had directed him,” 1 Samuel 17:20. (I just need to get started.)
  7. “…Go after it, knock it down,…grab it by the throat…” 1 Samuel 17:35. (Be aggressive!)
  8. “…I’m not used to this. And he took it all off.” 1 Samuel 17:39. (Don’t get sidetracked with “help,” rely on God.)
  9. “…his shepherd’s staff…five smooth stones…his shepherd’s pack…his sling in his hand…” 1 Samuel 17:14. (The staff helps you over rough places, smooth stones are ammunition, shepherd’s pack are the bare necessities, the sling is your weapon.)
  10. “…David took off from the front line, running toward the Philistine,” 1 Samuel 17:48. (Tackle it head on, don’t dawdle.)
  11. “David reached into his pocket for a stone, slung it, and hit the Philistine hard in the forehead,…” 1 Samuel 17:49. (Reach into your reserves for ammunition, use it, and hit it hard on the head.)
  12. “…finish the job…” 1 Samuel 17:51. (Keep working until the job is done.)

When I looked at my DayTimer, everything made sense. Today my project is…

Income Taxes!

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