I Confess; I Ate Derek’s Oatmeal

I woke to the sound of a spoon stirring in a metal travel mug. (Oh no, Derek is drinking my coffee!)

“You already had your coffee, right Mom?”

“No, but I can make more.”

After eating 2 packages of his “Peaches and Cream” instant oatmeal, I opened my devotional.

“Do not take revenge, my friends.” Romans 12:19

* * * * * * * *

“There are times when doing nothing demands much greater strength than taking action. Maintaining composure is often the best evidence of power. Even to the vilest and deadliest of charges, Jesus responded with deep, unbroken silence.”

“Streams in the Desert” February 10

Now I have to repent.

At 3:00 a.m., I finished the book, “Writing to Inspire.” I left it on the kitchen table for David to return. (I finished it with one “grace day” to spare.)

Before going back to bed, I put the 11 pages of notes in my office. When David left for work I threw the covers over my head.

A chapter in “The Broken Way” should help because Ann Voskamp gets me.

“I roll over, bury my head under the pillow. Anxiety can come out of nowhere. Get busy, get distracted, and you can forget God. Forget God, and you lose your mind and your peace. Anxiety can give you God-Alzheimers. Forget the face of God, and you forget your own name is Beloved….Find your feet. Find His face…”

“The Broken Way” by Ann Voskamp

I’m sleep deprived, not fighting anxiety. But I need to “find God’s face.”

I read today’s chapters from the “Relevant” Bible Reading Guide. In 1 Chronicles 12, David was having a party!

1 Chronicles 12:40, “Neighbors ranging from as far north as Issachar, Zebulun, and Naphtali arrived with donkeys, camels, mules, and oxen loaded down with food for the party: flour, fig cakes, raisin cakes, wine, oil, cattle, and sheep – joy in Israel!” The Message

The tribes that were at war in 1 Samuel 2-5 united to crown David king! They threw a huge banquet!

Psalms 133:1, “How wonderful, how beautiful, when brothers and sisters get along!” The Message

Maybe I should work on Bethany’s birthday dinner.

My daughter-in-law is lucky to have a February birthday. I decorated the house with hearts and flowers for Valentine’s Day. (My birthday is at the end of October – the decorations are much different!)

Wednesday afternoon I ironed three red tablecloths including a new one. I strung red and white lights along the top of the bookshelf and buffet. My black, marble, lazy-Susan is in the center of the table. It holds a crystal chocolate kiss, lovebirds on a birdbath, and a heart-shaped candle.

The beef roast is in the freezer underneath the baked rolls. I picked up the pretzels for the crust on her favorite strawberry salad Wednesday night.

I could bake peanut butter cookies and freeze them – or take a nap. The dinner is two weeks away. I have plenty of time. I really need sleep!

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