A Place at Your Table

The noodles are drying on the kitchen table. I will bake the Strawberry/Cream Cheese/Pretzel Dessert and Peanut Butter Cookies next.

Tomorrow we will have Bethany’s Birthday Dinner. I’m making her favorites: roast beef and noodles, mashed potatoes, candy carrots, rolls, and fruit salad.

I set the table last night. I rolled cloth napkins into roses and I like the result. I love eating with tablecloths and cloth napkins. Would you like a place at my table?

2 Samuel 19:28, “…But you took me in and gave me a place at your table….” The Message

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2 thoughts on “A Place at Your Table

    • Full disclosure: There was one teeny pretzel sticking through the cream cheese on my dessert. I didn’t think it would hurt anything. When I poured the jello over the strawberries – it drained down that hole! I served a dessert with pink, slightly soggy pretzels!



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