God Prepared Each Day

Sitting on a couch at the nursing home, I had music spread out around me. I was writing the number of verses for each hymn in our new songbooks. My left ankle was on my right knee supporting the songbook open on my lap.

David was dragging chairs from the dining room in for the service. He was somewhere behind me when…

…a man kicked my foot off of my knee!


“I’m sorry. I don’t think I know you.”

“Sure you do!”

“DAVID?” I said, loudly and with a little panic. (He slowly walked over.)


“This man says I know him.”

“You do. This is Bob Major.”

They laughed, and I let out the breath I was holding. Bob has known me since I was a baby. He lives part of the year in another state. (I’ve seen him 4 times in my life!) He has to introduce himself to me every time I see him! (I don’t remember names very well.)

I was ready to berate him for scaring me half to death. Then he redeemed himself, “You looked just like your mother sitting there.”

Best. Compliment. Ever.

In my defense, David thinks I know everyone he knows. Later, at Connect Group, I asked the name of an unfamiliar couple.

“You remember, that’s Skip. We met him at the breakfast.”

“The Men’s Breakfast? Yeah, I wasn’t there.”

All in all, it wasn’t the easiest day of my life.

  • We didn’t get much sleep.
  • The bass player was out-of-town.
  • The keyboard player was sick.
  • I had to play all three parts.
  • The Senior Pastor was there. (He speaks in Fairfield once a quarter.) Yeah, that was not stressful.

But I read today that God prepared each day. He provides grace, strength, and ability beyond my physical ability. (That was 10% me playing and 90% God!) He blesses us with good days and carries us through rough ones!

Psalms 139:16, “The days of my life all prepared before I even lived one day.” The Message

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