The Assigned Work

It’s the last day of February. I don’t want to put the Valentine’s Day decorations away. My first goal for 2018 was to make Valentine’s Day table runner. I love it!

This is the first holiday I did not share my decorations on I prayed during the month of January about continuing that blog. I didn’t get an answer. I waited another month. Still no direction.

Yesterday, I had a long talk with God. Am I trusting Him? Or something else? He reminded me how I used one Saturday a month decorating for the next holiday. He put that desire in me. Why wouldn’t He want me to use it?

I opened my Bible.

1 Chronicles 23:3, “David sorted them into work groups….”  The Message

I need to organize a few places around here! Maybe I should start spring cleaning.

1 Chronicles 23:28, 29, “From the assigned work…maintain courtyards and closets, keep furniture and utensils…clean,…provide bread for the table…-all baking and mixing,…” The Message

It looks like I am to concentrate on the house for a while. I will keep decorating as usual and will keep waiting for an answer. But I couldn’t resist sharing my new runner!

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