Safe, Sound, Content

Saturday, while planning projects in March, I realized I forgot a goal. I want to type out the “Babysteps” Guide because most don’t know the abbreviations. Although they are standard, some are unfamiliar. I wrote, “Type 30 days of Babysteps Bible Reading Guide” on my “To Do” list.

God laughed.

Sunday, David pointed out the discrepancy for the money in savings for clothes. There was four times more in my account than in his. He asked me to audit the accounts a few months ago. I wasn’t in a hurry to find the errors. I wrote it on the “To Do” list and decided  “Babysteps” would have to wait.

God laughed.

Early this morning, I received an email from Pinterest. “We noticed a login from a new device or location and want to make sure it’s you.”

It wasn’t!

I linked my social accounts together. A blog post goes to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. I pinned some posts to Pinterest. Foolishly, I used the same password on more than one of those sites. I spent 3 hours changing passwords and checking for unauthorized activity. It was 11:30 a.m. before I read my Bible.

I felt guilty.

Then I noticed something. The first project King Solomon worked on after receiving wisdom and understanding from God.

2 Chronicles 1:13, 14, “…He set to work as king of Israel. Solomon collected chariots and horses: fourteen hundred chariots and twelve thousand horses! He stabled them in the special chariot-cities as well as in Jerusalem.” The Message

Horses and chariots were for war. Solomon built up the supplies he needed to protect his kingdom.

Changing those passwords were for my protection. Waiting a few hours would have given them time to do more damage.

Solomon “collected” horses and chariots. He was continually adding to his stable-cities. He had them stored all over his kingdom and everyone knew it!

1 Kings 4:31, “…He became famous among all the surrounding nations.” The Message

Solomon’s wisdom was not politically correct. Overpopulation did not concern him, yet no one went hungry.

1 Kings 4:20, “Judah and Israel were densely populated – like sand on an ocean beach! All their needs were met; they ate and drank and were happy.” The Message

He had the finest weapons and lived in peace. His people were so well taken care of that they didn’t want anything more.

1 Kings 4:24, 25, “Solomon was sovereign over everything,…Peace reigned everywhere. Throughout Solomon’s life, everyone…lived safe and sound, all of them…-content with what they had.” The Message

He never had a shortage.

1 Kings 4:27, “…there was always plenty.” The Message

Solomon was wise, understanding, and generous. He was also prepared for anything.

1 Kings 4:29, “God gave Solomon wisdom – the deepest understanding and the largest of hearts. There was nothing beyond him, nothing he couldn’t handle.” The Message

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