Who Are You After?

I’ve never seen an angel. Those who have described them as pretty impressive. Imagine having the authority to command an angel to appear!

Jesus had that authority. Two days ago, we read about it in Matthew.

Matthew 26:53, “Do you think I cannot now pray to My Father, and He will at once give Me more than twelve legions of angels?” Modern English Version

A legion was 6,000 soldiers. Jesus had 72,000 angels ready to fight for Him!!!

The soldiers who came to arrest Him could tell He was a man of authority. The Jewish soldiers brought Roman soldiers with them.

Neither group walked into the garden and grabbed Him. They hesitated. He asked them twice, “Who are you after?” He gave Himself up and went with them willingly.

John 18:7, “Jesus asked again, ‘Who are you after?’ They answered, ‘Jesus, the Nazarene.’ ” The Message

* * * * * * * *

“The presence of a ‘detachment of soldiers’ in the garden (John 18:3) indicates that Roman as well as Jewish authorities were responsible for the arrest. John underscores Jesus’ royal authority by recording a hesitancy and trepidation on the part of the soldiers at the moment of encounter (John 18:4-9)….Matthew reminds his readers that Jesus was not powerless to prevent His seizure, but allows it in fulfillment of God’s will (Matthew 26:52-54; see John 18:11).” Chronological Study Bible Notes

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