Birds Teach Wisdom

“I watched a robin yesterday,

Fat with unlaid eggs;

Scratching in the grass for food,

Unconcerned about the snow around her legs.


Searching for today’s food,

A seed, or perhaps, a worm.

Building her nest high in the wood.

Weather does not make her squirm.


The grass is green today.

Tomorrow will bring more snow.

She’s come back to Iowa to stay;

No fickle weather will make her go. 4-7-18

They predicted an inch of snow for tomorrow. Today is sunny and the grass is green. It’s spring in Iowa. (Winter always has a few parting shots.) But we learn from the robin. Endure the cold; it will not last forever.

Job 35:11, “When God sets out the entire creation as a science classroom, using birds and beast to teach wisdom.” The Message

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