Safe and Sound

I started washing dishes by hand at 5:30 a.m. Our dishwasher made a whistling noise. And according to Google, it was the water inlet valve. It was letting in less and less water. Last night there was only enough water to make steam. The last time I ran it, I noticed the soap didn’t dissolve completely.

Unfortunately, the sink was full of dishes too! After washing and drying for 45 minutes I stopped to read my Bible and eat.

2 Chronicles 19:7, “Do your work in the fear of God; be dependable and honest in your duties.” The Message

* * * * * * * *

2 Chronicles 19:10, “…whether it seems large…or small…you are responsible…Do your work well….” The Message

* * * * * * *

2 Chronicles 19:11, “…Be bold and diligent. And God be with you as you do your best.” The Message

I washed all the silverware and most of the glasses and cups first. After reading those verses, I went back to the china cabinet. I pulled out the dinner plates, salad plates, saucers, soup, cereal, and dessert bowls. I was not sure if they were clean. I didn’t want anyone to get sick. It took 2 more 45-minute sessions to wash, dry and put them away. When we follow God’s instructions, He keeps us safe and sound.

2 Chronicles 19:1, “But Jehoshaphat king of Judah got home safe and sound.” The Message

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