We’ve Got Nothing to Lose

The dishwasher repairman came today. After taking it apart he found the motor was not working effectively. Tiny bits of food get caught in the motor and damage it. (My dishwasher does not contain a garbage disposal.) His cure?

A half-gallon of vinegar!

He told me to let the dishwasher fill and add a half-gallon of vinegar. I’m to let it sit overnight and run a complete cycle tomorrow. The vinegar will loosen and dissolve the food bits.

He’s not sure it will solve my problem because I let it go for several weeks. Why didn’t I call him when I first heard the noise? I waited until it broke down.

2 Kings 7:4, “…We’ve got nothing to lose.” The Message

He also told me to rinse the dishes in hot water to remove the grease. The grease builds up on the drain pipe and it will not drain correctly. That extra step will prolong the life of my dishwasher. (He has the same brand and model in his home!)

“…Sometimes it’s in doing the thing that seems beneath you that releases the blessing.” Steven Furtick, 1-Min Motivation, “Will You Do The Small Things,” April 19, 2018

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