Only God Can Help

Today we read the story of Jonah and the whale. If I was in the belly of a whale, I would have begged God to release me right away! But the whale waited until he could vomit Jonah upon the seashore. If released even an hour earlier, he would have drowned.

It doesn’t matter what circumstances surround us. God still has His eyes on us.

“God smiles on his child in the eye of the storm.” Streams in the Desert, April 23

Amaziah stopped relying on God and bought troops. That ended badly. The troops killed and ransacked villages on their way out of the country. The money he spent on them was gone, too.

2 Chronicles 25:8, 9, “Instead, you go by yourself and be strong. God and God only has the power to help or hurt your cause. (9) But Amaziah said to the holy man, ‘But what about all this money – these tons of silver. I have already paid out to hire these men?’ ‘God’s help is worth far more to you than that,’ said the holy man.” The Message

Circumstances are temporary. When we stay in the eye of the storm, eventually the storm blows over.

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