You’re My Dear Somebody

It’s 2:30 a.m. and I am finally writing my post. Why? Because I finally get it! I turned on the tea kettle for herbal tea and washed dishes while it heated.

I used to get up early just to get that first cup of freshly brewed coffee. The rest of the pot never tasted as good as that first cup. Then I had a cup made from a Keurig machine. It tasted like that first cup! I thought, “Keurig’s are for rich people or newlyweds who received one as a gift.”

Recently I read on Pinterest that Kohl’s has them on sale quite often. And deducting the Kohl’s cash you get, you can get it for half price. I priced the pods and decided to get the “My K Cup” insert. I could use my ground coffee and still be frugal!

Another issue was the amount of coffee we drink. I have a little coffee with my whipping cream and sugar. The number of cups I drank was creeping up, right along with my weight. Insomnia and heartburn are frequent midnight companions.

We had to pick up a few things at Kohls anyway. The machine was on sale and they were giving Kohl’s cash. We came home with a basic machine and the wrong “My K Cup!” It didn’t fit the classic machine. David had to run to the store for more coffee pods.

“Maybe we will drink less coffee now,” he said.

“Dear friend, let the Holy Spirit prepare you, through the discipline of life.” Streams in the Desert, April 28

I went to bed feeling guilty. “Why did I buy a Keurig? I should have saved that cash for a new dishwasher. It’s not frugal. Now our grocery bill will go up. Who do I think I am? Rich? I’m nobody.”

God woke me up at 1:27 a.m. “What was that verse I gave you today?”

Amos 2:23, “…I’ll say to Nobody, ‘You’re my dear Somebody,’ and he’ll say, ‘You’re my God.’ ” The Message

I’m Somebody! Somebody who needs to cut back on coffee! Somebody who washed that coffeepot for the last time!

(No, I am not getting paid for mentioning Kohls or Keurig. Sigh.)

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