God Will Wipe the Tears

David and I waited 4 years before having children. Mother’s Day didn’t bother me but I dreaded “Special Person’s Day.” It was the day they honored adults who were not parents. (Their heart was in the right place.)

Each year we stood with a handful of unmarried women and they told us we were special. (The single men wisely stayed home that weekend. The piano player and drummer were never excused.)

I remember feeling as if we didn’t belong. We didn’t fit the mold. We never have! We married young, waited to have children, and didn’t stop at 2!

I had a small taste of how women still waiting for their children feel on Mother’s Day. They do not choose to wait – they are forced to wait. Some have several children who went before them to heaven. They are mothers but go unrecognized. Their arms are aching and they feel like they don’t belong.

But they do. God has a plan that only He knows. He promises to banish death and wipe away every tear.

Isaiah 25:8, “Yes, He’ll banish death forever and God will wipe the tears from every face. He’ll remove every sign of disgrace from His people, wherever they are. Yes! God says so!” The Message

We get Mother’s Day turned around. It’s not about our children – it’s about our mothers. Every woman has a mother, grandmother, favorite aunt, or the surrogate mom who is there for them. Married women get additional support from their mother-in-law. (Hi, Jane! I know you are reading this!)

My oldest is married with a young daughter. I did not expect him to spend the day with me. I expected him to spend the day teaching his daughter to honor her mother. I was happy with a hug, a few minutes, and red velvet cupcakes.

My youngest plans to live in the basement until his wedding. (In 4 months and 8 days, but who’s counting.) He provided lunch! I still didn’t expect him to stay all day. They spent time with his fiancée’s mom, too.

You don’t need children to belong – you already do.  And it’s not about my children honoring me – it’s about me honoring Mom. She is why I belong.

“Oh, can you feel the gravity falling,

Calling us home?

Oh, did you see the stars colliding,

Shining just to show we belong,

We belong?” 

“Deciphering Me” – Brooke Fraser

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