A Ripe Fruit Each Month

We met Luke’s family for dinner on Monday night. They had a conflict when we celebrated David’s birthday last week. We came back to the house for ice cream cake. (Yes, I made another one!)

I was struggling at bedtime and took 2 Benadryl. That’s no big deal to most people. But, I took them after taking Allegra 180 in the morning and a Singulair. (The alternative was Prednisone.) I woke up in a Benadryl fog.

The best way to explain a Benadryl fog is to give you an example. I washed my bedding – sheets, mattress pad, cotton blanket, pillowcases, and allergy covers. When I made my bed, I was short one allergy cover. I retraced my steps.

After looking for 10 minutes, I checked the pillows. I found 2 allergy covers on my pillow!

A Benadryl fog makes you want to sleep. I tried napping on the couch but my eyes popped open after a few minutes.

If you can’t sleep – eat! Of course, the thing you want most is sugar.

Jonathan Roche, of Boot Camp Hub, recommends one 1 dessert a week. I had a piece of ice cream cake the night before. He suggests yogurt in place of dessert. That didn’t sound appealing until I added fresh strawberries. Fruit is God’s candy!

Revelation 22:2, “…The Tree of Life was planted on each side of the River, producing twelve kinds of fruit, a ripe fruit each month.” The Message

My assignment for the day was to record the fruits available each month. That is the only way I can stick to 1 dessert a week!


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