Do Exactly What I Command

Difficult chapter in “52 Small Changes” – get back to nature. Yeah, right. Nature makes me sick. Rather, the things in nature – weeds, trees, grass, dust, hay, etc.

“Don’t let the problem overwhelm you. Don’t let what you cannot do, keep you from doing what you can.” “All In” Mark Batterson

But, I could switch the dresser and desk to face the window. Oh, wait, I wouldn’t be able to open the dresser doors.

I could sit at the end of the kitchen table facing the window. And sit in the chair facing the window in the living room.

We have a family reunion today in Keosauqua, IA. A drive through Lake Lacey State Park would get me out in nature safely.

Jeremiah 11:4, “Obey what I tell you. Do exactly what I command you. Your obedience will close the deal. You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours.” The Message

* * * * * * *

“Give all He asks and take all He promises.” Samuel Dickey Gordon, “Streams in the Desert”

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