The Message of God

A friend invited me out tomorrow. I was going to decline out of fear. This is a busy weekend with the Nursing Home Service. I started making excuses.

1. I don’t have time to relax.

2 Chronicles 36:21, “This is exactly the message of God that Jeremiah had preached: the desolate land put to an extended Sabbath rest, a seventy year Sabbath rest making up for all the unkept Sabbaths.” The Message

2. It’s going to be over 90°.

2 Kings 25:24, “…Trust Me, everything is going to be all right.” The Message

3. Ragweed has bloomed.

Jeremiah 39:12, “Look out for him. Make sure nothing bad happens to him. Give him anything he wants.” The Message

4. There’s a haze from the wildfires.

Jeremiah 39:18, “…You’ll walk out of there safe and sound because you trusted Me. God’s Decree.” The Message

I got out an extra-fine Sharpie pen and wrote on my palm:

  • 2 Ch. 36:21, Extended rest.
  • 2 Ki. 25:24, Trust Me.
  • Jer. 39:12, Nothing bad will happen. You’ll get anything you want.
  • Jer. 39:18, Safe and sound.

I’m taking those promises with me. Faith over fear.

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Things That You Could Never Figure Out On Your Own

“Understanding” was the subject of Pastor Monte Knudsen’s sermon on Wednesday night. We read 30 verses in Proverbs about understanding. Then he pointed out several details in Mark 6:35-52. It was where Jesus fed the 5000 men.

  • There were not enough resources to meet the need.
  • The disciples wanted to send them to buy food in the city.
  • We think our resources are somewhere else.
  • All the resources needed are in Christ.
  • Look at what you have in your hand.
  • Because we don’t have enough, we never think about what we have.
  • They prepared for a miracle by having them sit down in groups so everyone’s needs were met.
  • Jesus blessed it, broke it, and gave it to the disciples.
  • The food multiplied in the hands of the disciples.
  • God was teaching them something through the miracle, not trying to impress them.
  • “Their hearts were hardened” means their minds were closed.

Pastor Monte Knudsen, August 22, 2018

Faced with a sticky situation – an unsolvable problem – I asked God for understanding.

Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to Me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.” The Message

I told God that I could not figure out what to do. I gave the problem to Him and did nothing. It wasn’t easy. I wanted to do something!

  • When Jesus gets into our boat, the wind stops.
  • When Jesus called the disciples, He called them to be with Him.
  • We are human beings, not human doings.

Pastor Monte Knudsen, August 22, 2018

I went to bed with the problem unresolved. God worked out an answer without my help! Had I gotten involved, I’m sure it would have made matters worse! All I did was “be” with Jesus.

“Miracles” by Jesus Culture

“…The One who made the deaf to hear is silencing my every fear…

The One who does impossible is reaching out to make me whole…”

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