With Palm Trees

When my children were young, my life was so busy that I used to say, “Stop the world; I want to get off!”

I was like a desert traveler: hot, dry, worn out, and looking for an oasis. My eyes constantly scanned the horizon for a palm tree.

A palm tree signified an oasis. At the oasis there was water, food, shade, and a place to rest. How appropriate, God carved palm trees into the only entrance to His temple in Ezekiel’s vision.

Ezekiel 40:26, “It also had seven steps up to it. Its porch opened onto the outside courtyard, with palm trees decorating its gateposts on both sides.” The Message

God’s oasis is church. Only in church can you be fed spiritually, drink living water, and find perfect rest.The seven steps reminded me of the seven days of the week. At least, once a week we need to climb those steps to church.

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