God Wants to Help You

Melinda, my sister-in-law, went shopping with us today. David was hunting for shoes and she needed a white dress shirt. Our nephew, Brayden, is an usher in Derek’s wedding. Brayden is 6′ 2″ and built like a football player. There are not a lot of shirts in his size.

Isaiah 44:1-2, “…listen – yes, you…my personal choice. (2) God who made you has something to say to you; the God who formed you in the womb wants to help you.” The Message

She looked for the shirt at Kohl’s because “Apt. 9” brand is stretchy. She was down on her knees digging through the stacks for his size. Finally, she looked up and saw the display shirt was the correct size.

Isaiah 45:15, 19, “Clearly, You are a God who works behind the scenes, God of Israel, Savior God. …(19) I am God. I work out in the open, saying what’s right, setting things right.” The Message

Meanwhile, I was going through the jewelry. I wanted a pair of white earrings.

Last spring, I picked up a pair of white floral earrings. I put them back because I didn’t love them enough to pay full price. I found them again on the clearance rack for $2. And there was a matching necklace on the same rack. That’s why God prompted me to put them back before.

Isaiah 45:21, “…Who made sense of things for you? Wasn’t I the one? God? It had to be Me. I’m the only God there is – the only God who does things right and knows how to help.” The Message

I carried the cards from the church in my pocket. I’m such a chicken. I’m not brave enough to hand them to strangers. I left one in each store until they were gone.

Daniel 10:19, “Don’t be afraid, friend. Peace. Everything is going to be all right. Take courage. Be strong. …” The Message

Today I learned:

  • We are God’s choice.
  • He wants to help us.
  • He works behind the scenes.
  • He works out in the open.
  • He says what is right.
  • He sets things right.
  • He makes sense of things for us.
  • He knows how to help.
  • We need never fear.
  • We can live in peace.
  • Everything will all right.
  • Have courage.
  • Be strong.

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