Walking on the Road Revealed by God

I admired the tree at breakfast. A mature tree, it provided shade for three backyards. This afternoon a tree service removed some of the lower limbs.

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Nothing stays the same – sooner or later everything gets cut back. Transitions are the time to pray and seek God. He is never finished with us.

“…Daniel is not a young man. He is a seasoned man of God who no longer has the ambitions of the young. For years, he has been praying three times a day, and has lived separate from the corrupt culture of the Babylonians…

For Daniel, it all came down to one desire in life: to speak for God.

…You have to understand what a sacrifice this was for Daniel because of how busy he was. He was the third-most powerful ruler in the Babylonian kingdom…Yet even with all those responsibilities, Daniel was a man given wholly to the Word of God.

…Daniel was studying…Jeremiah when the Holy Spirit showed him…The seventy-year period…was now expired. Yet, even though the appointed time had come for Israel to be delivered, it wouldn’t happen until God found a man through whom he could speak.”

“The Heavenly Calling – Your Best Days Ahead Pursuing God’s Great Purposes” By David Wilkerson, “World Challenge Pulpit Series,” August 20, 2018

In Ezra, the people of Israel are returning from Babylon. Unfortunately, it was not 70 years after the exile.

“History had not treated the people of Israel well and they were in decline. A superpower military machine, Babylon, had battered them and then, leaving their city and temple a mound of rubble, hauled them off into exile. Now, 128 years later, a few Jews back in Jerusalem had been trying to put the pieces back together decade after weary decade…”

The Message Introduction to Ezra

Later in David Wilkerson’s article, he shared of God calling him as “barely a teenager.” At 28 he was the pastor of a little Pentecostal church, and after a season of prayer, God sent him to New York City. He witnessed to several boys involved in a murder. Multitudes of those youth were changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the “Teen Challenge Ministry” was born.

When he was 58, he was an evangelist based out of Texas. After months of prayer, God called him back to New York City to start a church. In his seventies, after another season of diligent prayer, God called him to travel the world.

“Whether you are a minister or a lay Christian, it doesn’t matter how long you have served the Lord: your best days may be ahead.” David Wilkerson

Our job is to pray for guidance and stay on the road God sets.

Psalms 119:1-3, “You’re blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God. (2) You’re blessed when you follow his directions, doing your best to find him. (3) That’s right – you don’t go off on your own; you walk straight along the road he set.” The Message

God told me to write this Bible Reading Guide when I was 13. I was 21 when I started working in the church office. That changed in my forties and I wrote the “Relevant Guide” and started blogging. Who knows, God may have a new assignment for me.

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One thought on “Walking on the Road Revealed by God

  1. “Whether you are a minister or a lay Christian, it doesn’t matter how long you have served the Lord: your best days may be ahead.” David Wilkerson Amen!



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