I Hear This Gentle Whisper

When our oldest son Luke married, he requested homemade macaroni and cheese for the rehearsal dinner. I am not used to cooking for large groups. I asked my friend, Paula, to go over everything for the dinner with me. She thought I would need another pan of macaroni and cheese.

To this day, I cannot figure out what went wrong. I cooked another 32-ounce box of macaroni and filled the second pan.

The rehearsal went a little longer than expected. Thank God, Paula and her husband Mike, and our friends Ken and Jill volunteered to help with the dinner.

They said the macaroni and cheese started to dry out. They added milk and it started to swell – and swell. They ran to the store for more cheese. They made more sauce and divided the macaroni and cheese into disposable sheet pans. We ended up with 10 of them. We sent macaroni and cheese home with several families.

Derek’s wedding is this weekend and he asked for macaroni and cheese for the rehearsal dinner. Online I found a recipe for 50. The ingredients were similar to my homemade sauce. It called for 3 1/2 pounds of macaroni.

I bought 3 1/2 cups.

Once again, I called Paula and went over the menu with her. “That doesn’t sound like enough macaroni.”

I reread the recipe – 3 1/2 pounds cooked macaroni is equal to about 14 cups uncooked macaroni. I have to go back to the store.

* * * * * * *

I tried several times to write my post yesterday. My mind was on “macaroni and cheese” and other details for the wedding. Nothing made sense. I finally tried to nap.

I couldn’t sleep.

But once my thoughts stopped churning, I was able to write my post. I just had to get quiet.

“It is very unusual for there to be complete quiet in the soul, for God almost continually whispers to us. And whenever the sounds of the world subsides in our soul, we can hear the whispering of God. Yes, He continues to whisper to us, but we often do not hear Him because of the noise and distractions caused by the hurried pace of our life.”

Frederick William Faber, in “Streams in the Desert,” September 18

* * * * * * *

Psalms 81: 5, “…I hear this most gentle whisper from One I never guessed would speak to me.” The Message

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