Prayer for Disaster Areas

The long-awaited wedding day is finally here. I am so excited! Derek and Rachel purchased a home and will start to build a new life together.

Yet, my heart breaks for those who lost everything in Hurricane Florence and the wildfires. They also are building a new life. They did not plan for this or look forward to it. They are looking at the dead bones of their former life.

This prayer is from Jeremiah 36, 37; Zechariah 10; Psalms 68; Hosea 13; and Genesis 8. This is not the first time people endured floods. Only the “Wind of God” can pass over the floods and make the waters recede.

Dear Father God,

  1. Bring life to the dry bones, Jeremiah 36:5.
  2. Come from the four winds and breathe, Jeremiah 36:9.
  3. Restore their hope, Jeremiah 36:11.
  4. Place them in their own land, Jeremiah 36:14.
  5. Join them into one in your hand, Jeremiah 36:17.
  6. Gather them on every side, Jeremiah 36:21.
  7. Make them one nation, not two kingdoms, Jeremiah 37:22.
  8. Save them and cleanse them, Jeremiah 37:23.
  9. Make their sons and grandsons dwell in their land, Jeremiah 37:25.
  10. Make an everlasting covenant of peace with them, Jeremiah 37:26.
  11. Multiply them in the midst of Your sanctuary, Jeremiah 37:26.
  12. Send rain from the Lord to put out the wildfires, Zechariah 10:1.
  13. Drive the smoke away, Psalms 68:2.
  14. Blow the smoke away, Hosea 13:3.
  15. Pass over the floods and make the water recede, Genesis 8:1.

Jeremiah 39:8, “It is coming and it shall be done, says the Lord God. This is the day of which I have spoken.” Modern English Version

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