He wept

The Fishels had Sunday off from the worship band – two were on their honeymoon. As David and I sang in the congregation, my mind kept returning to the wedding.

Derek started it. (He says I did.) He was halfway down the aisle to escort me to my seat. I turned to David and asked for his handkerchief. I wanted it for emergencies. When I looked back, Derek’s eyes were glistening and that made me cry.

He gave me a hug and said he loved me. I told him I wasn’t going anywhere. We laughed and cried all the way down the aisle. That was nothing compared to the tears when he saw Rachel.

❤ ❤

Their first date was on the 22nd. Her birthday is on the 22nd and they got engaged on her birthday. Her favorite flowers are sunflowers and “brown-eyed Susan’s.” They set the date for September when her flowers were blooming. But, if they waited until 2018, the 22nd was on a Saturday. Their engagement was for 18 months.

Derek watched the wedding party come down the aisle. Then he faced the front for Rachel’s father to walk her to the outdoor arena. He turned as the chorus of the song started – “Marry me.”

He tried to hold back the tears but broke down. We could see all the love he has for Rachel. All the longing during the long engagement. And all the wonder as he viewed his beautiful bride and realized, “She chose me!” He walked down the steps to claim her.

❤ ❤ ❤

During the worship service, as I remembered Derek’s face, Jesus spoke to my heart.

“That’s how I will look at you during the marriage feast in Heaven. I went through so much. I suffered. I died. I waited. I longed to pull you into my arms.

Like Pastor Josh, who officiated, God is on the throne waiting to unite us. He loved you so much that He let Me go. I came to earth to pay the price required for your entrance into Heaven.

He watched Me suffer. After I defeated Death, Hell, and Satan, He resurrected Me. I went home to Heaven to build you a mansion.

And Allison, Pastor Josh’s wife, is like the Holy Spirit. Unobtrusive and in the background but stepping up as God directs.

(Allison explained the cross and cord ceremony. Derek and Rachel braided together 3 cords attached to a cross.)

Allison pointed out the third chord is God. You need Him to make a strong marriage. The Holy Spirit is always drawing us closer to God.”

I cried during worship – overwhelmed by the love Jesus has for me. They say “men don’t cry” but Jesus wept, (see John 11:35). And when Ezra saw the sin that separated the Israelites from God…

“Ezra wept…” Ezra 10:1. The Message

Weddings are wonderful. Honeymoons are heavenly. But they pale in comparison to when we unite with our Lord Jesus Christ.

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