Don’t Put Your Life in the Hands of Experts

Now that Derek married, I’ve been dreaming. What should I do with his room? A family room during the holidays? Or a sewing room? How about a craft room with a big table? Or should I move my office down there?

My office doubles as a guest room. When our granddaughter stays over, I have to move out. She would not appreciate me firing up the Chromebook at 4 a.m.

On my last trip to the library, I was thinking about my office. I checked out, “Your Creative Work Space” by Desha Peacock.

One of the people she featured was Holly Becker of She started her blog in a 3-room, 1875 carriage house in 2006. She is an international bestselling author of 4 books and has taught more than 8,000 students globally about blogging, social media, interior styling, and photography.

I went online to check out her “Blogging Your Way” e-courses. Her September 4th post surprised me.

“…to write stuff here as I once did, regularly, and share what I love, what inspires me and to make it as non-commercial as humanly possible. …I don’t have ads here and I don’t use affiliate links. …” “When Everyone Goes Right, Go Left” Holly Becker of

When I started blogging in 2009, most blogs were text with a few photos. Now they are, as Holly puts it, “super gorgeous and full of perfect photos.” 

The experts encourage you to use ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and above all, “Search Engine Optimization.” I’ve watched bloggers who started writing from their hearts and sharing their lives. Then they do what the experts tell them – ads, affiliate marketing, etc. When their posts hit my email, I wonder, “What are they selling today?”

Psalms 146:3-4, “Don’t put your life in the hands of experts who know nothing of life, of salvation life. (4) Mere humans don’t have what it takes, when they die, their projects die with them.” The Message

This January, I stopped posting to I shared most of my frugal tips and felt it was time to step back. I started occasionally posting to Instagram instead. I can share my creativity, and my life, without all the work of writing a post.

I never wanted to blog, I just wanted to write. I am not alone. On Twitter, @EricMWalk “liked” a post that said what I’ve felt all along.

“Having a real headache of a time with the technical side of blogging. …Can’t I just write and have everything else magically fall into place, like Cinderella with her little assistant birds?” @BigLawLittleLawyer

A weight lifted when I stepped back from I no longer write every day. I skip Sundays and write 2 posts later in the week.

Jesus promised that His yoke is easy and His burden is light, (see Matthew 11:28-30). The freedom I am enjoying is a real blessing.

Psalms 146:5, “Instead, get help from the God of Jacob, put your hope in God and know real blessing!” The Message

“Dear Mommy Bloggers, 

You are more than a mom. Remember to share what is on your heart.


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