Live to the Hilt

“The education of our faith is incomplete if we have yet to learn that God’s providence works through loss, that there is a ministry to us through failure and the fading of things, and that He gives the gift of emptiness. …And whenever our earthly stream or any other outer resource has dried up, it has been allowed so we may learn that our hope and help are in God, who made heaven and earth.” F. B. Meyer in “Streams in the Desert,” October 5

Things are not working out as promised by social media. Yesterday was discouraging. Today I decided to work around it.

Genesis 17:1, “When Abram was ninety-nine years old, God showed up and said to him, ‘I am The Strong God, live entirely before Me, live to the hilt!’ ” The Message

I lived to the hilt. I finished the last piece of pumpkin pie and exercised. I created a fall tablescape in my office. It’s full of things I love. And I did some preliminary work on a big change for my kitchen.

It wasn’t all fun and games. I updated my worksheets for income taxes and researched health insurance for next year. I am living God’s way of life so that He can complete in me what He promised.

Genesis 17:19, “…train his children and future family to observe God’s way of life, live kindly and generously and fairly, so that God can complete in Abraham what He promised him.” The Message

The only way to live is – kindly, generously, and fairly. What does it mean to you to “live to the hilt?”

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