God Hasn’t Changed

Rachel demonstrated trying to make things happen in her own strength. She didn’t steal the household gods to worship them. They held a greater purpose.

“…household gods were used as evidence of family leadership. …Rachel stole the gods to give her husband the position of tribal leader. …Laban was so insistent on getting them back to make sure one of his own sons would become the family chief. …to erect a boundary…to make sure Jacob never returned with the household gods to claim the first rights to the family holdings.” Chronological Study Bible Notes

Jacob relied on God. He knew all his blessing came from God:

  • His children, 30:2.
  • His wages, 30:31-33; 31:8-9.
  • His home, 31:3, 13.

Laban changed his wages 10 times but God blessed him every time. He trusted God because He never changes and never leaves.

Genesis 31:5, “…But the God of my father hasn’t changed; he’s still with me.” The Message

Was there ever a time when God vindicated you after being cheated? What about vindicating your children?

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He Went to His Father


Those three names had the same result as “Atten-hut” or “Attention.” Usually, it meant it was time to eat. I always happily responded to that command. I knew Mom’s voice and she knew mine.

Isaac knew Esau and Jacob’s voices, too. He was waiting to give Esau his “firstborn blessing.” (The firstborn was given twice as much as the other children. They called it a double portion.) He knew it was Jacob and gave him an opportunity to come clean.

Genesis 27:18, “He went to his father and said, ‘My father!’ ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘Which son are you?’ ” The Message

Jacob tricked Isaac into giving him the “firstborn blessing.” Isaac was human and human fathers make mistakes.

But our Heavenly Father does not. He knows my name. He knows my voice. He reserved a blessing for me alone.

“…Praise unblocks the blessing of God in your life. …” “Unblocking God’s Blessing in Your Life,” 1:Minute Motivation, Steven Furtick

Share a time when God heard your voice and answered. Have you ever heard God call your name? Or did your Mom use a nickname to call you? Did you like that nickname?

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