On His Way

I started setting up the 2019 “Relevant” Bible Reading Guide. To mix it up this year, I am comparing it to the Chronological Study Bible. I didn’t want to follow it exactly because it breaks up chapters. In both of my Bible Reading Guides, we read the entire chapter.

I turned the pages in the Chronological Study Bible one at a time. I saw one chapter in Psalms that they linked to a different book.

I read my notes and saw the Psalm was in a series of three. In the first one, there was a link to the chapter where I placed it. I decided to leave it there instead of breaking up the series. Those notes told me I was on the right track.

Genesis 32:1, “And Jacob went on his way. Angels of God met him.” The Message

Jacob knew he was on the right path when the angels met him. How do you know when you are on the right path? A feeling in your gut? Other ways?

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