Put on Clean Clothes

Recognizing God’s voice is important to me. I talk to Him All. The. Time. His answers sound a lot like my conscience. I ask Him about the teeny, tiny details in my life.

Tuesday, I asked Him what color to wear to church on Wednesday night. He said, “Yellow.” I reminded Him I didn’t have yellow. I gave away my yellow and pink clothes a few years ago.

Wednesday, I asked again. Still yellow. I dug through my scarves and found a plaid one with a yellow stripe. I wore it over a red corduroy shirt and my favorite black jeans.

When we were practicing, I noticed the other musicians were all wearing gray, black, and beige. So much for blending in.

I didn’t wash the jeans because I only wore them for 3 hours. I wore them to practice the next night.

Saturday, I asked God what color I should wear to church. “Green.”

Since it was cold, I pulled out a green cardigan. I was going to wear it with my favorite black jeans.

“Are you really going to wear dirty clothes to meet with Me?”


I pulled out my second favorite jeans and a long-sleeved, navy tee-shirt. I topped the outfit with a navy and white scarf.

At church, the first 2 ladies on the worship team looked like twins. They wore dresses, gray tights, knee-high boots, and jean jackets. The third one wore a gray dress, tights, knee-high boots, and a cardigan.

I thought, “Wow, I must not have heard God.”

He replied, “You don’t own knee-high boots.”

Good point.

At least my clothes were clean.

Genesis 40:14, “Pharaoh at once sent for Joseph. They brought him on the run from the jail cell. He cut his hair, put on clean clothes, and came to Pharaoh.” The Message

Do you think Pharaoh would have listened to Joseph if he had come directly from jail? It does not say Joseph put on expensive clothes – just clean ones.

He took the time to cut his hair. He was ready to step into his new role. They didn’t have to give him a “makeover.”

Do you ask God about the small things? Which route to drive to work? What food to eat?

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