Stay Apart

I went to my doctor for a checkup and he broke my heart – twice.

I lost 5 pounds. He didn’t notice it on the chart. (That took 3 months of hard work!)

Then he asked, “Are you still playing the ‘organ’ at church?” 

I never played the organ. I play the piano. I thought he knew me.


After 3 years of being totally housebound, and numerous rounds of Prednisone, my immune system was extremely weak. He had me attend church to start building it back up.

Six months later, I was playing the keyboard and attending Thursday’s practices. After a few more years, I started playing on Wednesday nights.

I have permission to go out whenever I want. But, most of the time, I only leave 3 days a week for church. You might say I stay apart.

Genesis 46:34, “…That way he’ll let you stay apart in the area of Goshen. …” The Message

When God asked us to stay apart from the world (see John 17:16), he was offering us the best.

Genesis 47:6, “…Settle your father and brothers on the choicest land – yes, give them Goshen…” The Message

How do you “stay apart?” Is it by choice or other circumstances?

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