Not a Hoof Left Behind

Brianna got married last night! When I met her, I found we had three things in common:

  1. A sarcastic sense of humor,
  2. We both love her mom, and
  3. We are a little scared of her dad – Pastor Monte.

While dressing for the wedding, I noticed Derek left his hair straightener. He used to fight his curly bangs with it.

That’s not all he left. There are various drums and the fire-proof safe we bought him for Christmas. (He lost the key.)

And the drum surround. It has clear, plexiglass panels hooked together. I would use it as a room divider – but I can’t lift it.

I wish he would have followed Moses’ directions when they left Egypt.

Exodus 10:25-26, “But Moses said, ‘You have to let us take our sacrificial animals and offerings with us so we can sacrifice them in worship to our God. (26) Our livestock has to go with us with not a hoof left behind; they are part of the worship of our God. And we don’t know just what will be needed until we get there.’ ” The Message

When my brother moved out, he left several boxes. He told Mom and Dad he didn’t want them. So Dad gave it all away.

Later, Jon had children and asked Dad for his child-size guitar. It was gone. I hope Derek learns a lesson from his uncle.

Laura was right. I should have boxed up his stuff while he was on his honeymoon. He saved every broken drumstick. All. Of. Them.

Today’s lesson – when God moves you take everything!

When you moved did you leave something behind that you later regretted?

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