Mindful of Each Person

I’m told I eat like a bird. I call a bowl of salad and 1/4 cup trail mix – lunch. I don’t expend much energy sitting at my desk writing.

My husband, however, runs. All. Day. Long. The Lumberyard covers one side of the block. He goes back and forth selling and loading. He’s a big man and works up a big appetite.

We have this recurring conversation…

“What’s for supper?”


“Leftover what?”

(I tell him.)

“There’s not enough.”

What looks like 2 servings to me will barely fill him up.  At the wedding, I cut my chicken in half and split it with him. I would be miserable if I ate it all. He usually has room.

We went to Taco John’s after church. I thought “Street Tacos”, (mini tacos), looked good. He ordered a “6 pack and a pound.” That is 6 regular tacos and a pound of potato oles – for 2 people. (We didn’t eat them all.)

I’ve decided to continue cooking for 3 people. I will eat one serving and the rest should fill him up.

Exodus 12:4, “…Be mindful of how much each person will eat.” The Message

Do you have trouble gauging how much food to cook? When faced with an empty nest, did you find yourself with a lot of leftovers? Any recipes for 3 you recommend?

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