Study the Design

I worked on it for several mornings. I had a scale drawing of our big room in the basement. There are also cutouts of furniture. One morning, I measured all the area rugs. Then I drew them to scale and colored them.

The next morning, I moved those rugs around on the floor plan. They won’t cover all of it, but I will have furniture over the bare parts.

I rearranged the furniture on paper. I wanted to eliminate a bottleneck by the table. I moved furniture out of the room and brought other pieces in. When I had it set, I laid the floor plan on the top of the bookshelf in David’s office.

* * * * * * *

We were discussing plans for Saturday. Our original plan was to go away Friday night, but that got scrapped. We couldn’t decide where to go or what to do.

Finally, I said, “Do you want to help me rearrange the basement?”


“Do you want to see what I have in mind?”


I let it go. Who wants to spend their birthday rearranging furniture!

We decided to go “see the rabbits.” (That’s what Derek thought we said when he was 5. We surprised him with a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese in Cedar Rapids, IA.)

No, we won’t eat there for my birthday! And I nixed a stop at “Guitar Center!” I’m thinking Kirkland’s, Hobby Lobby, Von Maur, and Penney’s!

David came back later and said, “If you really want to, we can rearrange the basement.”

I said it could wait. But I want it done before Thanksgiving. The first step is to look at the design.

Exodus 25:40, “Study the design you were given on the mountain and make everything accordingly.” The Message

How do you celebrate your birthday? (David surprised me with roses last week. He lets me celebrate more than one day.)

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