The Embroidered Waistband

We bought a coat – for David.

We shopped all day in 2 different cities. He really needed that coat. He tried it on and then put it back on the rack in the first city. He found it again, priced lower, and bought that one.

He is a wise and patient man. (As he dropped me off at Hobby Lobby, he said, “I’ll just go next door and wait in line for a haircut.”)

God provided the right coat at the right price. He will do the same for me.

How do I know God cares about clothes? Look at the detail in Aaron’s priestly robes.

Exodus 29:5, “…belting the Ephod on him with the embroidered waistband.” The Message

Today is “Pastor Appreciation Sunday.” We take a special offering and bless our pastors. (God made special clothes for all the priests.) The chapters we read showed how God took care of his priests.

  1. Job Security – Exodus 29:9, “…Their priesthood is upheld by law and is permanent. …” The Message. Continue giving even when you don’t like the sermons, or when your favorite project has to wait, or when others want to fire them.
  2. The Best – Exodus 29:27, “…the breast and the thigh are for Aaron and his sons.” The Message. It was never God’s design to keep Pastors humble and poor.
  3. Give Regularly – Exodus 29:28, “…make this offering regularly…” The Message. Your tithe belongs in the storehouse where you are regularly spiritually fed. Anything over and above that 10% is an offering. You give an offering to other ministries.
  4. Remember It’s God’s Work – Exodus 29:37, “…the altar will be soaked in holiness…” The Message. Everything in the church is holy. We don’t sit in seats we are on an altar. We aren’t there for entertainment, we are there to die to ourselves. The more I say “no” to my body, (yes, it kills me), the more I say “yes” to God’s Spirit.
  5. These Are Your God’s Instructions – Exodus 29:46, “I am God, your God.” The Message. People hate it when you tell them what to do. But you aren’t obeying your Pastor; you’re obeying your God.
  6. Give Your Best in Little Things – Exodus 30:23, “Take the best spices…” The Message. Today I will play for the nursing home service. There’s a line of people who audition to play or sing on the worship team. There is no line to minister at the nursing home. And the line to minister in the nursery is mighty short.
  7. Give from Your Gifting – Exodus 30:35, “…the art of a perfumer, salted and pure – holy.” The Message. David still talks about Bev Kennedy. She was a gifted baker. David substituted on the drums in Mt. Pleasant a few times. They have 2 services. Between the first and second service, Bev would feed the Pastors and worship team. Working in a service is exhausting. It depletes your body, soul, and spirit. Bev’s goodies would revive and rejuvenate the body. It lifted the spirits and they would be ready to do it all over again. (It’s not a well-known fact that most preachers and singers fast before the service.)

Are you blessing your Pastor this month? Did you give your best? Was it an offering or did you redesignate your tithe? Did you give from your gifting?

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